Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has issued its latest recalls, which may affect some Honda Pilot, Acura MDX and Honda Odyssey models.

2012 Honda Pilot
2012 Acura MDX
Vehicles affected: 571
Certain vehicles may experience failure of the vent shut-float valve case, a component of the on-board vapour recovery system located inside the fuel tank. This could allow fuel to leak from the tank. Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the fuel tank assembly.

2008-2009 Honda Odyssey
Vehicles affected: 2,790
On certain vehicles equipped with a power liftgate system, the gas-filled struts which help to raise and support the liftgate may be prone to early life failure due to a manufacturing flaw. This could allow the liftgate to drop suddenly. Dealers will replace both liftgate struts.

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