October 13, 2004

Burlington, Ontario – Quaker State is introducing a new Winter Synthetic Blend Oil that offers quicker start-up and superior performance in cold weather, said the company.

Quaker State winter synthetic oil 5W-30
The new winter oil has been formulated with a unique and proprietary additive package that makes it different from any other lubricants in the car care industry. Quaker State Winter Synthetic Blend combines these additives with a blend of synthetic and base stocks to enable the oil to get to engine parts faster in below-freezing temperatures.

“Our research demonstrated that consumers have a need for this type of product, so our scientists and engineers got to work and developed a motor oil with excellent cold weather properties,” says Mark Reed, Director, Brand Management – Lubricants and Filters, Pennzoil-Quaker State Canada. “We spent more than a year researching and testing this product to make sure that we brought our customers a winter oil that helps engines perform their best.”

Quaker State Winter Synthetic Blend was tested by independent labs and performed more effectively than conventional motor oils in extreme cold temperatures. It flowed quickly and reached critical engine parts up to three times faster.

Quaker State Winter Synthetic Blend can be added to other motor oils without harm. However, a complete Quaker State Winter Synthetic Blend Oil change is recommended for full product benefits.

The company claims the new oil:

  • Provides easier start-up in cold weather

  • Helps preserve battery power and life
  • Gets to critical engine parts faster in below-freezing temperatures

It’s available in 5W-30 and 10W-30.

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