Edmonton, Alberta – Alberta Energy has provided a $3.5 million grant to Titanium Corporation Inc. for a two-year research project to explore the capture of minerals from oil sands tailings streams. The company will research the value-added opportunities and environmental benefits of stripping out hydrocarbons and heavy minerals from the tailings; the minerals can be used in a variety of manufactured products, including ceramic tiles, kitchenware, consumer electronics, medical appliances and paint.

“The ingenuity of our energy industry continues to offer significant benefits for current and future generations of Albertans,” said Energy Minister Mel Knight. “Not only can this research result in processing industrial waste into beneficial products, but it has the potential to significantly reduce emissions and improve the environment by extracting bitumen from tailings rather than mining.”

Titanium Corporation, based in Toronto, is developing a commercial process to maximize the value existing in waste material presently being deposited in Alberta’s oil sands tailings. Rather than channeling mine froth tailings into disposal areas, the stream is sent to a separation plant via pipeline, where bitumen, titanium minerals, zircon and naphtha will be recovered for commercial use.

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