New York, New York – A new process that extracts corn oil from ethanol production can produce two fuels from one feedstock, according to GreenShift Corporation, which has licensed the patented technology to Sunoco.

Sunoco will use the technology at its corn ethanol manufacturing facility in Fulton, New York. The extracted corn oil can be used to manufacture biodiesel and other carbon-neutral products.

Designated an “advanced technology” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the extraction has been proven to improve the profitability, energy efficiency and carbon footprint of ethanol plants, according to GreenShift. One kernel of corn can now produce two renewable fuels.

Sunoco also awarded GreenShift the construction project to design and install the equipment. “We selected GreenShift to be our technology provider after extensive review,” said Gary Center, manager of the Fulton ethanol facility. “The ability to extract corn oil to sell to third parties will provide a positive economic impact at the plant.”

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