August 25, 2004

Jennifer Shirriff Dolson
In the photo, Jennifer Shirriff Dolson, creator of The Original Stik-Rak, unveils the prototype with her sons, Steve (left) and Alex (middle). Both boys, avid hockey players, were involved in helping their ‘hockey mom’ throughout the project. Click image to enlarge

New portable rack makes it easier to transport hockey sticks

Toronto, Ontario – A Canadian company has come up with a way to carry and store up to 20 hockey sticks at a time. The Stik-Rak is a lightweight and portable device made of durable ballistic nylon fastened to a sturdy ‘hockey stick’ frame. It provides coaches, training staff, players and parents with a safe, easy and effective way to carry sticks to and from the bench, organize them in the dressing room and even cart them back and forth to the car.

“We set out to create a product with a genuine hockey look and feel to it, but above all was practical and useful,” says Stik-Rak creator Jennifer Shirriff Dolson.

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“Our product is a safe, durable and easy way to carry and temporarily store sticks while at the arena, and even to and from the parking lot. Away from the rink, it can be used to store hockey sticks at home in the basement and garage.

Stik-Rak also comes with carry bag (sold separately) for organized portability of sticks during travel via bus or in the cargo hold of an aircraft,” adds Dolson.

For more information contact StikRak: e-mail: , or telephone 416 985-9054, or fax 905 951-7671.

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