Kamloops, British Columbia – The Pat Road pedestrian overpass in Kamloops, B.C. will be enclosed with lightweight galvanized steel mesh to prevent vandals from throwing objects onto vehicles on the Trans-Canada Highway below.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure said it is impractical to retrofit overpasses with standard steel mesh due to its weight when combined with snow and ice loading, but recent improvements in materials and creative design solutions have allowed a lightweight, strong and protective enclosure solution.

A trial section will be put in place over the next two weeks and monitored to ensure it works as expected. If it is effective in withstanding snow and ice loads, the ministry will enclose the entire overpass and also look at other appropriate locations.

“It’s unfortunate we have to take these measures to protect the public from such senseless acts,” said Blair Lekstrom, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “However, moving people safely is our first priority and by finding an innovative design to enclose the Pat Road overpass, we can better protect motorists travelling the Trans-Canada Highway.”

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