October 10, 2007

New OnStar capability assists in slowing down stolen vehicles

Washington, D.C. – General Motors and OnStar have demonstrated a new technology, called Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, which is the latest enhancement to OnStar’s stolen vehicle service. The system will allow OnStar advisors, working with law enforcement services, to send a signal to limit fuel flow to the engine, gradually slowing it down and protecting bystanders and police from potential injuries resulting from a high-speed pursuit.

“OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is a powerful tool that could help prevent high-speed police pursuits,” says Marc Comeau, GM of Canada’s vice-president of sales, service and marketing. “This innovative technology can help save lives, aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles and make our roadways safer for everyone.”

The new system is an enhancement to OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance, which uses GPS technology to pinpoint the location of a vehicle reported stolen. OnStar receives approximately 700 requests to locate stolen vehicles each month, and has helped in 28,000 requests over the past decade. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown will be available on nearly 1.7 million 2009 model-year vehicles. The system will be a GM-exclusive feature in Canada and the U.S. and will be included in the complimentary one-year subscription customers receive when they purchase a qualifying 2009 OnStar-equipped vehicle.

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