February 2, 2004

New national automotive television series to debut on Global TV Sunday, February 8th

Driving Televsion hosts Zack Spencer and Dagmar Midcap
Driving Televsion hosts Zack Spencer and Dagmar Midcap in the show’s unique studio. Click image to enlarge

Vancouver, British Columbia – “Driving Television”, a new Canadian-produced 30 minute automotive television show will begin airing on Global television stations across the country Sunday, February 8th. A production of Tencrows Media Group of Surrey, B.C., Driving Television will star Vancouver Global TV personalities Zack Spencer and Dagmar Midcap, and feature “Extreme Drive” host Dana McLoughlin. The series is written by CanadianDriver editor, Greg Wilson.

“We took a look at what was on the air in terms of car shows and decided that there was room for a general interest, consumer-oriented show that was both informative and entertaining”, said Executive Producer, Bruce Arabsky. “I think most other car shows are aimed at car enthusiasts, particularly male enthusiasts – we wanted to give Driving Television a broader appeal – and make it fun to watch at the same time.”

Driving Television’s format is similar to shows like Entertainment Tonight. Each 30 minute Driving Television episode features 7 or 8 fast-paced segments of one or two minutes each. Seasoned Global TV broadcasters, Zack Spencer and Dagmar Midcap present a variety of automotive topics in a lively and easy-going manner. Technical jargon is kept to a minimum, and with two women hosts and one male, there’s an obvious attempt to make this car show more women-friendly than typical car shows.

The show’s home is a unique 4,000 square foot indoor studio styled like a 50’s garage complete with period signage, 50’s pumps, a garage with hoists, and a diner.

Driving Television begins airing Sunday, February 8th on Global Television stations in nine markets across Canada. It can also be viewed on Bell ExpressVue and Star Choice satellite stations.

More information about the show, the hosts, on-air dates and stations, and video clips of the first episode of Driving Television, can be found at www.drivingtelevision.com

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