November 8, 2004

New Mustang commercial filmed in a cornfield in Chilliwack, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia – On Friday, October 29th, Ford premiered a new commercial for the 2005 Mustang titled “Cornfield” in theatres across North America. The commercial will begin showing across North America on November 8th.

David Stuart - 2005 Ford Mustang
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Actor David Stuart plays the “Farmer” – a Kevin Costner-like role from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams. In the spot, Stuart builds a race-track in the middle of his cornfield. As he goes to get into the Mustang, Steve McQueen (who starred with an earlier Mustang in the movie, “Bullitt”) appears through the corn. Stuart tosses him the keys. The two men share a long stare, and McQueen races off.

With an advertising budget of approximately $200,000, Ford and J. Walter Thompson put together an extensive production including building a racetrack in a cornfield from scratch in Chilliwack, British Columbia, approximately 100 km east of Vancouver.

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