March 27, 2002

New MINI to be featured in next Austin Powers movie

The new MINI will get a starring role in the next Austin Powers film due out this summer. The movie will feature dazzling chase scenes with the MINI racing and cornering at high speeds through the unlikeliest of places.

In the words of Nigel Powers (Austin’s father, played by Michael Caine, of MINI’s Italian Job fame), “it’s not size that matters, baby, but how you use it.”

The original Mini was a British classic with 5.3 million sold and was voted ‘European Car of the Century’. The MINI earned legendary status in the 1960s as a favorite of celebrities from the Beatles and David Bowie to Peter Sellers and the Queen of England. The spunky little car also inspired fashion designer Mary Quant to create her famed mini skirt.

Austin Powers III is directed by Jay Roach and written by Mike Myers and Michael McCullers. The film is produced by Mike Myers, John Lyons and Eric McLeod along with co-producer Gregg Taylor. For more information, log on to

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