May 26, 2003

New Mercedes-Benz Canada ad campaign dispels old myths

Toronto, Ontario – Mercedes-Benz Canada, which reported its best ever year in 2002, undertook a comprehensive consumer research study in 2002 to understand its customer base and uncover hidden obstacles to continued growth in the future. The result is a new brand ad campaign, developed by Lowe Roche (Toronto), which provides a look into the mindset of the luxury automotive consumer.

“The research we did confirmed that despite unprecedented growth for the brand in Canada and a wealth of new product offerings, some consumers still believed that Mercedes-Benz was a brand only for those who were older or richer. The new campaign will dispel that myth,” explains JoAnne Caza, Director of Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Canada.

According to Geoffrey Roche, Creative Director at Lowe Roche, “There was this stubborn perception that a Mercedes was only something you deserved after you had reached certain milestones?a bigger house, a promotion – whatever. Our new “You’re Ready” positioning, encourages consumers to enjoy the brand as part of the journey and not just the destination.”

A new 60 second brand commercial is the first ever Mercedes-Benz brand campaign conceived and
developed specifically for the Canadian market. The commercial offers an intelligent glimpse into the mind of the main character, Raymond. Tested against a target audience, the concept proved to have the right ingredients for changing misguided perceptions about the brand.

“We are extremely excited about the new campaign in Canada,” remarks Caza. “It captures the insights revealed in the research and offers the reassurance our conquest consumer is looking for -that Mercedes-Benz is the right brand for them, regardless of their stage in life.”

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