Oakville, Ontario – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada and NB Liquor have unveiled new public service announcements (PSAs) and videos that show viewers the real-life impact of impaired driving on two New Brunswick residents.

In the English-language PSA and video, 16-year-old Kali O’Dell describes the loss of her parents in an impaired driving crash. Kali and her brother were also severely injured in the 2006 crash. “The engine had lodged itself into their legs,” O’Dell said. “I remember leaning forward and I knew I couldn’t save Mom. Dad was gone. I could tell already. So I kissed their cheeks and told them I loved them. That was the last time I kissed my mother.”

In the French PSA and video, Liette Savoie talks about losing her only child in 2007, when her 17-year-old daughter Francesca was hit by an impaired driver. She died in the hospital in her mother’s arms. The videos end with appeals from O’Dell and Savoie to anyone who is considering the risk of driving impaired.

“When we talk about the numbers and statistics for impaired driving, we can sometimes lose sight of the fact that those numbers represent real people and real families,” said Denise Dubyk, MADD Canada national president. “These videos go beyond the numbers. They reach out to viewers on a very personal level and show them the impact that impaired driving has on one person and one family.”

The videos, which were produced with sponsorship from NB Liquor, appear as 30-second PSAs and more in-depth three-minute videos. To view them, visit MADD Canada.

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