July 26, 2004

New Jaguar XJ stars in ‘Catwoman’

Irvine, California – Catwoman meets another kind of cat in Warner Brother Pictures’ new Catwoman movie, which opened on the weekend. During one scene, Catwoman leaps down off a building, landing on the road directly in front of the new 390-horsepower, high-performance XJR. When Catwoman turns, she comes face to face with the XJR’s hood-mounted leaping Jaguar. She then slides down the side of the car, ejects the driver from behind the wheel, climbs in and drives away.

“Catwoman, is sexy, stylish and agile, just like the new Jaguar XJ, making the vehicle a perfect fit for the film,” said George Ayres, Vice President, Marketing for Jaguar North America.

Jaguar is currently using the movie clip in its upcoming TV and print advertising, in the recently launched ‘Unleash A Jaguar’ marketing campaign.

For the exclusive Catwoman Hollywood premiere, Catwoman director Pitof and talent from the film arrived in style in several Jaguars, including the sophisticated Concept Eight long-wheelbase XJ unveiled earlier this year at the New York International Auto Show.

The Concept Eight – a one-off design exercise based on the upcoming long-wheelbase XJ Super V8 – comes with such luxury features as reclining rear seats, an 860-watt/14-speaker stereo system, red neon interior lighting, and one-piece, full-length glass sunroof.

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