Ottawa, Ontario – A new iPhone application helps drivers to easily access the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Roadside Assistance when needed on the road.

The CAA Roadside App, which can be downloaded for free on the iTunes App Store, uses iPhone’s location-based services to allow CAA Roadside Assistance to find the vehicle and send help. The application was co-developed with the American Automobile Association (AAA) and supports both CAA and AAA members who require assistance anywhere in Canada or the United States.

“By simply tapping open our app on your iPhone screen and clicking the ‘request for assistance’ button, we will quickly receive your request for service and your location through GPS technology,” said Frank Fotia, vice-president of insurance, automotive and corporate affairs for CAA.

The application automatically submits the member’s number to Roadside Assistance, and allows members to tailor assistance requests to provide a specific address, additional information about the location, special characteristics or features of the vehicle, or any other circumstance that Roadside Assistance can take into account. Motorists also have the option of using the application to call CAA directly.

The application can also provide information about nearby CAA Approved Auto Repair Services shops, preferred rental car locations, or partner lodging options.

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