September 20, 2004

New Honda Accord Hybrid to offer 33% better fuel economy

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid

2005 Honda Accord Hybrid
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Torrance, California – Honda’s new Accord V-6-powered hybrid vehicle will go on sale in early December, announced Honda. The all-new Accord Hybrid utilizes the third-generation of Honda’s advanced Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) full hybrid system in combination with new Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) cylinder deactivation technology to deliver the world’s best V-6 fuel efficiency – on par with a 4-cylinder, compact class Civic.

“The Accord Hybrid is the first hybrid vehicle that combines superb fuel economy with truly exhilarating performance,” said Tom Elliott, executive vice president of American Honda. “By applying hybrid technology to two of America’s most popular vehicles, first the Civic and now the Accord, we are taking hybrids even further into the mainstream.”

The Accord Hybrid achieves an estimated U.S. EPA fuel economy rating of 30 mpg (7.8 litres/100 km) in the city and 37 mpg (6.4 litres/100 km) on the highway, an increase of 43 percent over the current Accord V-6 in city driving and 23 percent in highway driving.

In addition, the Accord Hybrid delivers 255 horsepower (versus 240 hp for the Accord V-6 Sedan) with a broad and flat torque curve. Acceleration performance from 0-60 miles per hour and from 50-70mph is reduced by one half second compared with the already powerful and sporty Accord V-6 Sedan.

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