October 6, 2005

New GMC Yukons help build Habitat home

GMC Yukon Vehicle Line Director Mary Sipes (left) and GMC General Manager John Larson (right), help Habitat for Humanity’s Fred Brewer pre-build a house outside the California International Auto Show at the Anaheim Convention Center Wednesday. Photo: Steve Fecht. Click image to enlarge

Anaheim, California – Two all-new 2007 GMC Yukons hauled materials needed to rough in a home built by volunteers from Habit for Humanity at the California International Auto Show yesterday. The house is part of “Operation Home Delivery”, aimed at providing houses for some of the families displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. GMC is also underwriting the materials for the home.

The Yukons, which will go on sale next year, delivered a flatbed trailer to the building site loaded with materials and supplies. Volunteers will “pre-build” the frame over a few days; it will then be taken apart and shipped to an area along the Gulf Coast where it will be rebuilt on its final foundation.

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