Longueuil, Quebec – Automated gates will be installed on the Jacques Cartier Bridge on the south approach towards Montreal to manage the centre lane. The gates, which will be installed starting March 31, 2011, will allow for optimal and safe traffic during closure of the bridge’s northbound centre lane.

The bridge is made up of five lanes including the centre lane, which is open during morning and evening rush hours to facilitate traffic in both directions. The centre lane, which is generally closed to traffic outside of rush hour times, alternates northbound or southbound directions according to the flow of traffic.

Certain motorists delay shifting lanes near the south approach when the centre lane is closed northbound, and they have to move quickly into the right lane. The automated gates will open and close to ensure that the appropriate lane change takes place out of the centre lane. A project for the north approach is currently under discussion with the City of Montreal.

Officials warn that there may be traffic slowdowns in the weeks following installation of the barriers as bridge users get used to the new setup, and traffic should return to normal shortly afterwards.

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