San Francisco, California – Proposed U.S. fuel economy rules will mean that seven million Americans will not be able to afford to buy a new car or truck in 2025, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

NADA director Forrest McConnell, a Honda and Acura dealer in Montgomery, Alabama, said that proposed fuel economy rules by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will create a US$3,200 increase in vehicle prices over those in 2010, and will limit the ability of many consumers to buy the vehicles they want or need.

Testifying at an EPA hearing regarding the rules, McConnell said that a 2011 U.S. Energy Information Administration analysis found that if the rule takes effect, cars under $15,000 will not be available in 2025.

The proposed mandate would increase fuel economy to 54.5 miles per gallon (4.3 L/100 km) by 2025.

“America’s auto dealers support continuous improvements in fuel economy,” McConnell said. “Instead of fighting the consumer, NADA urges the administration to act in a manner that will leverage consumer demand, thereby maximizing fleet turnover and ensuring maximum feasible fuel economy increases.”

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