February 19, 2002

New England auto writers name Explorer best winter vehicle

2002 Ford Explorer
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Boston, Massachusetts – Members of the New England Motor Press Association have named the 2002 Ford Explorer the Official Winter Vehicle of 2002.

The motoring journalists cited the Explorer’s optional four-wheel drive system called Control Trac. It allows the vehicle to run in its most fuel-efficient mode, with 90 percent of the torque going to the rear wheels, until sensors detect wheel slip. Then electronic traction control programming will continuously shift torque to the wheels that have traction. With the push of a button, drivers may also opt for full-time four-wheel drive, in either high or low modes.

This is the second recent honour bestowed upon Explorer by the New England Motor Press Association. In November, they named Explorer Family Vehicle of the Year for its ability to carry seven passengers with the optional third row of seats. The 2002 Explorer’s independent rear suspension smoothes the ride for the family, and allows the rear floor to be lowered, thus making room for a large, flat cargo area when the seats fold flat.

The motoring journalists also cited the Explorer’s many advanced safety features, including optional side air curtains that deploy in side impacts.

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