Kariya, Japan – Denso has developed its first EGR cooler for gasoline engines, which it said will help automakers meet stricter fuel efficiency and emissions regulations worldwide.

The new cooler is 30 per cent smaller than the smallest one currently available but offers equal performance.

“As (automakers) around the world look to downsize engines to help meet the increasingly stringent regulations, EGR systems are becoming more necessary to optimize the powertrain combustion process and improve fuel economy,” said Akio Shikamura, senior executive director of the Thermal Systems Business Group. “Because there is limited space in the engine compartment, an emphasis on size reduction is a major factor in developing EGR systems. Denso’s new and compact EGR cooler will greatly help reduce the overall EGR system size.” 

EGR systems recirculate a portion of engine exhaust back into the intake manifold to increase fuel efficiency. EGR coolers decrease the temperature of these gases. This increases the density of the exhaust gas, which in turn helps to increase the EGR system’s performance, reducing engine loss and preventing engine knocking. Systems equipped with EGR coolers can potentially increase fuel efficiency by 2 to 3 per cent.

The new cooler is installed in the Toyota Camry and Prius C, and Denso plans to offer it worldwide.

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