White Plains, New York – Hitachi Cable has developed what it says are the world’s smallest compact connectors for use in the power harnesses of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Harnesses that connect the electric motors, inverters and batteries in these vehicles must be resistant to high temperatures and very flexible, due to the limited space for wiring and high-temperature conditions inside the engine compartments. The new power harnesses use a fluorine resin for heat resistance and flexibility, along with cables capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.

While most traditional connectors use a male terminal inserted into a female terminal with a built-in spring, both terminals in the newly-developed connector are flat. This allows a single spring to apply surface pressure to multiple terminals, reducing the connector’s size by more than 40 per cent over previous Hitachi connectors, the company said. The connector also has high vibration resistance, promoting stable electrical performance even during severe vehicle vibration.

The combination of size and flexibility makes it possible to design harnesses that can be installed in narrow spaces, the company said.

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