Livonia, Michigan – Parts supplier TRW Automotive Holdings has unveiled a new, compact driver airbag module that is more than 50 per cent smaller than a conventional module, providing vehicle manufacturers with greater flexibility for styling, along with significant weight advantages.

“With the increased complexity in vehicle components and electronics, it’s vital that we develop technologies for our customers that offer packaging and weight advantages,” said Alexander Heilig, global engineering director. “Technologies such as our new, best-in-class compact driver airbag module can help vehicle manufacturers with their fuel efficiency objectives, as well as offering new and enhanced interior vehicle styling opportunities.”

The new module accommodates all airbag system features, including single- or dual-stage inflators and horn function. Along with a reduction in packaging, the module also includes the company’s new inflator, which uses a more efficient propellent formula, and processing technologies that allow for more compact folding of the airbag.

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