Ottawa, Ontario – A new interactive guide released by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) provides a comprehensive look at the price of owning a vehicle, including hybrids.

The 2010 Driving Costs brochure explains the true costs of vehicle ownership, including fuel maintenance and depreciation. The guide provides approximate costs for owning 2010 models of a representative small sedan, minivan and hybrid vehicle, along with national averages and approximate figures so that consumers can calculate their own total annual driving costs. For the first time, consumers can visit CAA’s Web site to access an online version of the driving cost calculator.

According to the guide, if you drive 18,000 kilometres a year, the annual cost of driving a small sedan is $8,524, a minivan is $11,590 and a hybrid is $8,808, including vehicle depreciation. The guide also reveals that, contrary to what many people think, the operating costs for a hybrid are comparable to a sedan.

To access the brochure, visit CAA.

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