Fredericton, New Brunswick – The government of New Brunswick is now requiring winter tires on all rims on buses used for school children, following a new policy set in place late in February.

The province asked Transport Canada to perform tests on multi-function activity buses (MFABs) at highway speeds to determine the safest configuration of tires for these vehicles. The new policy was based on the tests that showed this was the safest option.

In the absence of national testing for MFABs, New Brunswick had followed the advice of an independent consultant and two leading tire manufacturers, and had been using four winter tires on the back and two ribbed, all-season tires on the front.

“Transport Canada has advised that the MFABs perform and manoeuvre better with six winter tires,” said Transportation Minister Denis Landry. “Therefore, New Brunswick is making winter tires mandatory on these vehicles. I commend Transport Canada for working with us to help inform all jurisdictions on the safest tire configuration for MFABs.”

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