TRANSPLUS INC. - Low-floor accessible busCornwall, Prince Edward Island – The first Canadian “globally-sourced” bus, produced by a New Brunswick company, has been sold to a P.E.I. community. Fredericton-based Transplus Inc. said the low-floor accessible bus is designed to meet the growing demand for mass transit systems.

The bus was designed in Canada, parts were sourced in North America, and its final assembly was in China. “We call it a GSA (globally sourced and assembled) bus,” said Mike Legere, president of Transplus. “Premium components have been supplied by brand-name partners that our customers are familiar with, among them, Cummins engines and Bendix brakes from the U.S., with Tectran valves and hoses from Canada. An experienced bus mechanic won’t find much that is unfamiliar under or in the bus. It was designed to be serviced in North America.

“We can serve existing systems in larger areas, but what makes us excited is the small- to medium-sized communities who are considering new low-floor accessible buses in their start-up phase or for expanding their existing transit fleets. We’re also willing to be creative in the way Transplus assists these communities, whether it is helping raise the awareness of the system or finding creative financial solutions. That could involve leases, rentals, trades or whatever is needed to meet their needs,” Legere said.

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