November 10, 2004

New book demystifies hydrogen energy

Loveland, Colorado – A new book about hydrogen energy and fuel cells is designed to explain hydrogen technology in simple, easy-to-understand terms. In “Hydrogen – Hot Stuff Cool Science,” author Rex Ewing explains in plain English, minus politics and hidden agendas, where hydrogen energy comes from, and how we’ll use it to power everything from cars to homes to cities.

After reading Ewing’s book, actor Dennis Weaver said, “I was sure it was going to be stodgy and tedious. I discovered, to my delight, Rex Ewing has concocted a formula that makes his book not only educational and informative, but downright entertaining.”

Ewing, author of “Power with Nature,” and “Logs, Wind and Sun,” does whatever it takes to make science interesting and understandable without sacrificing substance. In his latest book he enlists the help of a crafty wizard, a magical place called the Wasserstoff Farm and dozens of clever illustrations and photos to explore and explain the science of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and examine the cutting-edge technologies being developed to make a hydrogen economy possible.

“When people in the hydrogen industry asked for a book for non-scientists, I couldn’t resist the challenge of taking vast amounts of complex information and making it both readable and entertaining,” Ewing says. “I wanted to go beyond the political and economic rhetoric and explore the science, since it’s the real beauty behind hydrogen energy.”

“Hydrogen – Hot Stuff Cool Science: Journey to a World of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells at the Wasserstoff Farm” by Rex A. Ewing is available at bookstores, or visit and

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