September 21, 2007

New book, “Clueless about Cars”, written for novice do-it-yourselfers

Toronto, Ontario – A new book, “Clueless about Cars” authored by Canadian licensed mechanic and diagnostic specialist Lisa Christensen, is written for “the novice driver who doesn’t know a hubcap from a gas cap,” explained the publisher, Tammy Benlolo of Key Porter Books.

“In simple, informative (and often hilarious) language, Christensen acquaints you with your car’s fundamental systems and features. This book covers the basics of preventive maintenance and presents advice on how to make a preliminary diagnosis when something does go wrong. She offers information on how to talk to your mechanic, how to diagnose your car’s tics, tocs, and knocks, and how to perform some basic do-it-yourself repairs,” said Benlolo.

Clueless about Cars has also been updated with information on environmentally friendly cars, along with chapters on safety and buying and selling a car. The Canadian retail price is $21.95.

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