June 8, 2006

New book by Lee Iacocca due in 2007

New York – Former Chrysler CEO, Lee Iacocca, will author a new book to ready in time for Father’s Day, 2007. The book, titled “Where Have All The Leaders Gone?” will showcase Iacocca’s forthright and provocative opinions on a series of topics.

Iacocca asks and addresses questions on leadership in government and business, what happened to the American automotive industry, the relationship between America and its allies, the challenge to America from China and India, and the future for American workers and their families.

“I’m writing this book because I flunked retirement,” said Iacocca. “There is too much happening in the world and too much to be done to sit on the sidelines. I hope that with this book I can engage others to take action to address the myriad challenges we face at home and abroad. This is urgent. We are a great people with a great history and yet we need to wake up and make changes.”

In the years since leaving the Chrysler Corporation, Iacocca established the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University in 1988 to understand the effects of globalization; he’s raised millions for the Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation knowing the central role immigration has played in creating the strength and diversity of the American people. Mr. Iacocca is also Chairman of the Advisory Board of Nourish the Children, a global program to alleviate hunger in children.

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