June 14, 2005

New Beetle owners to meet at Roswell

Roswell, New Mexico – Four caravans of New Beetles will begin their cross-country trek from points across the U.S., all heading for the 6th annual Roswell2K Car Show Weekend on June 17 through 19.

Held in Roswell, New Mexico, famous for a 1947 UFO crash that was reported and later denied by the U.S. military, the event is the largest New Beetle celebration in the world. Events include a car show, parade, parties, rallies and a “SkyWatch Party” followed by a “Bug Glow” parade of illuminated cars.

The Roswell2K show grew partially out of a tongue-in-cheek 1999 advertisement where Volkswagen said the car was “reverse-engineered by UFOs.”

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