July 4, 2003

New Beetle convertible does well in rollover test

Wolfsburg, Germany – The German Automobile Association (ADAC) has given the New Beetle Converitible top marks in a rollover test.

The New Beetle convertible has a standard roll-over protection system which extends to a height of 265 millimetres within 0.25 seconds if a sensor detects an impending rollover or crash. This system, fitted behind the rear seats, together with a reinforced windscreen frame, protects the passenger compartment.

According to the ADAC report, the Volkswagen New Beetle Cabrio, with its automatically deployed roll-over protection, made a much more favourable impression than its two competitors in the test. For this reason the motoring association has called for robust roll-over protection to be fitted to all new convertibles. According the ADAC: “Convertibles without roll-over protection are a life-threatening hazard.”

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