When production starts on the new F-150 in July of next year, the current model will not be going away immediately.

In a market where pickup sales are king and experiencing growth three times larger than any other segment in the United States, Ford cannot afford to go offline to retool their plants. To remedy the “problem”, Ford will be retooling their two plants separately and keeping production of its current truck open for an extended period.

This is not the first time Ford has gone this route as it has worked for them in the past. In 2003, as eleventh generation F-150 production was ramping up, Ford continued to produce the Heritage Edition for the 2004 model year in tenth generation body work. The Heritage Edition was meant to be an homage to the 100th anniversary of Ford trucks but it instead kept production of the two body styles.

At this time, since Ford does not officially talk about future product, we can’t be certain if the previous body style (current truck) will get a special name. Though GM seems to be doing this with their cars; the previous generation Impala will still continue production as the Impala Classic, specifically for fleet sales only.

[Source: Automotive News]

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