August 14, 2002

New 5.7 litre Hemi V8 gives Ram pickups most horsepower

Auburn Hills, Michigan – Chrysler Group’s new 5.7 litre Hemi V8,
standard equipment in 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups, develops
345 horsepower with 375 lb.-ft of torque, giving it best-in-class power
and towing capacity, says DaimlerChrysler. The company also stated
that the new Hemi offers best-in-class acceleration and improved fuel
efficiency over the 5.9 litre Magnum V8 it replaces.

“The 5.7 litre Hemi is the finest engine of its kind in the world,”
said Richard Schaum, Executive Vice President – Product Development and
Quality, Chrysler Group. “Not only does it make the heavy-duty Ram the
best in its class for power and performance, it has flexibility that
will allow us to further enhance efficiency and performance as we
design powertrains for future products.”

Production of the engine began in June at Chrysler’s new state-of-the-
art Saltillo Engine Plant II in Saltillo, Mexico. The new facility can
produce 440,000 engines a year.

The engine’s unique two-valve hemispherical combustion chamber (which
gives the engine its “Hemi” name) within an aluminum head provides
impressive air flow, torque and power, and gives the engine its throaty
rumble. Fifty-six pounds lighter than the 5.9 litre V8, the 5.7 litre
Hemi produces 41 percent more power and a 12 percent increase in peak

“The Hemi architecture produces power that is comparable to an overhead
cam engine, but is more cost-effective,” said Floyd Allen, Vice
President – Powertrain Product Team for the Chrysler Group.

An electronic throttle control system, Chrysler’s first drive-by-wire
gasoline engine, moves the throttle in response to accelerator pedal
position. The throttle system is based on engine torque control, and
compensates for changes in the engine load needed by the air
conditioning system, compressor, alternator, power steering pump and
automatic speed control.

The 5.7 litre Hemi is the first Chrysler Group engine with dual
ignition – two spark plugs per cylinder. Dual ignition ensures
consistent, complete and rapid combustion, without knock, that
increases peak power and torque, reduces exhaust emissions and
increases fuel efficiency. It even smoothes the engine’s idle. The 5.7
litre Hemi also meets all federal emissions standards and delivers an 8-
10 percent improvement in fuel efficiency under typical driving
conditions compared with the engine it replaces.

While currently available on heavy-duty Ram pickups, the 5.7 litre
Hemi’s smaller size and simple design make it adaptable to other
vehicles within Chrysler Group. It also was built with the flexibility
to allow the 5.7 litre Hemi to remain competitive for years to come.

“This is an elegantly simple, powerful and efficient design,” said
Robert Lee, Director of Rear Wheel Drive Engine Engineering for
Chrysler Group’s Powertrain Product Team. “It will allow us to fine
tune and even enhance the engine’s performance and capabilities well
into the future according to customer and market demand.”

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