2013 Acura ILX, pictured at right

Toronto, Ontario – Introduced today at the Canadian International Auto Show, the all-new ILX luxury compact sport sedan is designed as the new “gateway” to the Acura brand for consumers interested in moving up from mass-market vehicles, said Alexander Roger, assistant vice president, Acura Canada. The 2013 Acura ILX compact sport sedan combines luxury, performance and efficiency while maintaining a strong emphasis on a stylish and aerodynamic exterior design. As a five-passenger luxury sedan, the ILX combines compact proportions with ample cargo space, a spacious passenger interior and a large and airy greenhouse that provides excellent outward visibility.

“We’ve created the new Acura ILX to provide first-time luxury buyers with the sophistication, exterior styling, affordability and environmental responsibility that they value,” said Roger. “Research shows that 80 per cent of new car buyers are contemplating a move into the luxury market but many just don’t get there. ILX will finally provide those customers with a true gateway into the luxury market.”

The ILX will feature three advanced, sporty and efficient powertrain choices, including Acura’s first- gasoline-electric hybrid. The ILX will be powered by a 2.0-litre inline 4-cylinder engine producing 150 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 140 lb.-ft. of torque at 4300 r.p.m. For those who seek a more dynamic driving experience, the ILX can be equipped with a 2.4-litre engine with an output of 201 horsepower at 7000 r.p.m and 170 lb.-ft. torque at 4300 r.p.m. 

As Acura’s first ever hybrid model, the ILX Hybrid makes use of a 1.5-litre inline engine and an Integrated Motor Assist electric motor. The hybrid drivetrain uses the gasoline engine as the primary power source, while an electric motor provides additional power when needed. A lithium-ion battery pack is used to capture and store electricity for the 20 horsepower electric motor. Together, the gasoline engine and electric motor produce 111 horsepower at 5500 r.p.m and 127 lb.-ft. of torque between 1000-3000 r.p.m. During braking, the gasoline engine deactivates and the electric motor acts as a generator to recharge the battery pack. At a stop, the 1.5-litre engine can enter idle-stop mode to save fuel and reduce emissions. The engine remains off until the brake pedal is released.

 Inside, the ILX will feature a high-quality, well-appointed interior that is smart, spacious and sporty.  It will offer a number of new, high-value features including a standard Keyless Access System with smart entry and pushbutton start and SMS text message function for smart connectivity with the world.

The Acura ILX will be manufactured exclusively at the company’s state-of-the-art Greensburg, Indiana, plant – one of only three plants worldwide to receive J.D. Power and Associates’ 2011 Platinum Award for outstanding product quality, and the top award for any factory in North America.

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