Toronto, Ontario – Nearly half of Canadians would choose a used vehicle if purchasing their next car in the current economic climate, according to used vehicle classified company Kijiji Canada.

The company said that 44 per cent of recent used vehicle purchasers bought from private individuals, while only 29 per cent bought from a used car dealership. Past purchases of used vehicles outnumber new by roughly a 2:1 ratio, and 68 per cent of all recent purchasers bought a used vehicle.

Canadians living in the Prairies are most likely to choose a used vehicle, at 63 per cent, while 55 per cent of those under the age of 45, and 52 per cent of those with children in the household are also more likely to purchase their next car used. While a large majority of Canadians have owned a car, 25 per cent have never had a new car, especially those under the age of 35.

When surveyed, Canadians said they got their first new car when they were about 21 years old, and their first brand-new car when they were nearly 28 years old. On average, women don’t buy their first vehicle until they are almost 23, while men buy their first when they are almost 20 years old. British Columbians hold off the longest on getting a new car, at an average age of almost 31 years.

Canadians are also more likely to go online, with 58 per cent searching for information on used vehicles on the Internet, and only 28 per cent speaking to a used car salesperson.

For more information, visit Kijiji.

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