September 26, 2007

Muscle cars to drag race on flight deck of U.S.S. Midway

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San Diego, California – In October, 30 vintage American muscle cars and their owners will take part in the third annual Muscle Car 1000, a six-day adventure tour that will cover 1,000 miles from San Diego to Beverly Hills, featuring the first-ever exhibition drag runs down the flight deck of the USS Midway in San Diego.

This year’s Muscle Car 1000 runs from October 7 through October 11. The driving portion of the event traverses some of North America’s most scenic routes along the California coast, with an afternoon of wide-open drag racing at California Speedway.

The event is limited to 30 teams of two participants – each team must bring their own Muscle Car, defined as: 1964-1973 American Muscle Cars; 1955-1973 Corvettes; and 1962-1967 Cobras. The U.S.$5,950 fee for this year’s event (which has been sold out since January), includes all of the road and track drives, stays at exclusive resorts, gourmet meals and exclusive galas.

Half of all proceeds from the Muscle Car 1000 go straight to HeRO (Hunger Relief Organization), whose goal is to end world hunger by the year 2050. HeRO opened three children’s feeding centres in Honduras in 2006, and added seven more centres this year, as well as a malnutrition recovery centre for infants. In 2008, HeRO plans to expand efforts to Kenya.

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