Vancouver, British Columbia – Mr. Lube Canada will sell all of its 23 corporately-owned stores across Canada, resulting in all but one of its stores owned and operated as franchises. Each site will be sold to an existing Mr. Lube franchisee.

The company said that the decision allows it to focus on its role as a successful franchiser while continuing to expand nationally.

“We have decided to concentrate all of our efforts on supporting our franchising model,” said Stuart Suls, president and CEO. “Due to our significant market successes and industry-leading performance, we have created a solid investment vehicle by selling our established locations to a collection of trusted Mr. Lube franchisees. This gives us the opportunity to provide enhanced support for our proven franchise model while continuing to grow the business.”

The stores are expected to move over to franchisees for operation by December 1, 2010. The only remaining location continuing under the ownership of Mr. Lube Canada is based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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