April 17, 2007

MP introduces bill to ensure consumers’ “Right to Repair”

Ottawa, Ontario – Brian Masse, Member of Parliament (Windsor West) and NDP Industry and Border Critic, has introduced a private member bill to ensure consumers’ “Right to Repair” on automobile repairs. He made the announcement alongside representatives of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and the Automotive Industries Association of Canada.

Right to Repair, modeled on a similar bill presented to the U.S. Congress, addresses the difficulty that independent repair shops may have in accessing computer software and specialized tools from vehicle manufacturers. On-board diagnostic capabilities (OBD II) were introduced for all new vehicles in Canada in 1998 and now exist on approximately 59 per cent of the 18.4 million vehicles on Canadian roads. The use of these computer control units is essential for the proper maintenance of emissions, safety standards and operations.

The bill contains provisions that balance the need to protect proprietary information, while creating a mechanism to keep robust competition in the auto service sector.

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