Westlake Village, California – Promotional ties with NASCAR and the recent Transformers movie are driving online conversations about domestic automotive brands, particularly Chevrolet and Dodge, among social media users in their twenties, according to a new report by J.D. Power and Associates.

Perceptions of the automotive industry vary widely among Generation Y social media users, with teens commenting most positively about import brands, and their older counterparts more frequently discussing domestic brands. Among those 12 to 18, Toyota receives the greatest volume of online discussion, followed by Honda and Audi; while among those 22 to 29, the top three in order are Dodge, Chevrolet and Toyota.

“Domestic automakers are benefiting from their strong marketing ties and product placement,” said Chance Parker, vice-president and general manager of J.D. Power Web Intelligence Division. “When the NASCAR drivers they sponsor win, domestic automakers also win in terms of recognition among many social media users in their twenties.”

Despite this positive brand affinity, domestic manufacturers have incurred strong negative sentiment from the older group for being bailed out by the government, the report said.

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