TORONTO, ON – Motorists and cyclists are both responsible for keeping each other safe on our roads. That’s the message being conveyed to over 100 Grade 6 students today at a joint CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO), Share the Road, Toronto Police Traffic Services and Evergreen Brick Works bike safety expo.

“We can have an impact on reducing collisions between motorists and cyclists by helping educate the next generation,” says Nick Parks, President and CEO, CAA SCO.

According to Toronto Police Services, so far this year there have been 208 cyclist-motorist incidents on Toronto streets, highlighting the need to remind both groups of how they can adopt safer habits on the roads.

“The easiest change you can make to be safer when in your car or on your bike, is to improve the knowledge and the skill of the operator,” says Hugh Smith, Toronto Police Traffic Services, Safety Programs.

CAA SCO’s must-have list for safer driving:

  • Slow down when passing a cyclist and allow one metre clearance
  • Always shoulder check when changing lanes
  • Watch for bikes before exiting your vehicle
  • Always yield to cyclists when you are making a turn

Share the Road alongside Evergreen Brick Works will run workshops at the event to help educate the students on proper bike safety.

“This event is a terrific initiative for young cyclists who will one day become motorists. We applaud CAA SCO and are so pleased to be involved,” says Eleanor McMahon, CEO, Share the Road Cycling Coalition.

Make sure you cycle safe with these tips:

  • Obey all traffic laws, signs and signals
  • Avoid hazards – stay about one metre from the curb or parked cars
  • Wear a properly sized helmet
  • Make sure your bike is in proper working order — check horn, brakes and reflectors

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Source: Canada Newswire / CAA

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