Aurora, Ontario – Motor vehicle fatalities are down 34.4 per cent so far this year, with speed-related fatalities down 41.9 per cent, according to Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Commissioner Julian Fantino, in response to criticism that the new street racing legislation introduced in the province last September isn’t working.

“The media and some uninformed members of the public seem to believe that the street racing legislation is unjust and doesn’t really slow traffic down,” Fantino said. “Our statistics prove otherwise. The number of fatal collisions, the number of fatalities and the number of people killed in speed-related crashes are down dramatically, and are continuing to drop. I attribute that good news to increased enforcement, higher visibility of our patrol units and the public finally getting the message that speed kills.”

The OPP continues to make daily use of its new Cessna aircraft for aerial traffic enforcement in the Toronto area and will be expanding its use to other parts of the province throughout the summer.

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