Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Some 72 per cent of U.S. drivers polled will not give up their cell phones while driving, even if it is against the law, according to a poll conducted by hands-free communications company Cellcontrol.

Of those surveyed, 88 per cent admitted to using a cell phone to text, e-mail, surf the Web or have a conversation while driving in the past 12 months. However, nearly 75 per cent of the group agreed that driving while texting is equally as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.

More than 75 per cent said they would use technology to restrict the use of mobile devices while driving, if they received a discount on their automobile insurance premiums.

While cell phone use when driving spans all age groups, teenagers drew the most attention to the problem. The study found that 65 per cent of parents would purchase technology to prevent children from driving while using their cell phones, while more than 60 per cent would purchase a particular cell phone if they had the ability to control distracted driving as a feature option.

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