Montreal, Quebec – As gas prices soar, most Canadians are paying more attention to lifestyle or driving habits that save fuel, according to a survey conducted for Only drivers surveyed in Manitoba and Saskatchewan don’t intend to modify their driving habits to save on gasoline consumption.

Most Canadians are adopting “fuel-friendly” driving habits, with 63 per cent driving smoothly and evenly, and 62 per cent moderating their speed. Reducing unnecessary idling and maintaining proper tire pressure are two habits that are also becoming part of Canadians’ everyday lives.

“Current gas prices are forcing Canadians to re-evaluate their driving and lifestyle habits in an effort to save on gas consumption,” said Cole Reiken, director, Automotive Marketplace for TRADER Corporation. “Canadians looking for information on how to be fuel-efficient can consult’s articles and consumer advice by leading automotive journalists, with a comprehensive section dedicated to ‘green’ vehicle reviews. They can also use the site’s side-by-side vehicle comparison tool to compare the fuel consumption of two vehicles.”

Driving a fuel-efficient vehicle, hybrid or soon, an electric car, is the most effective way to save money on gas consumption, but drivers who are not ready to make such an investment can adopt easy driving and lifestyle habits that go a long way in saving gas.

The survey found that among respondents who had not yet adopted fuel-efficient driving habits, 58 per cent were most likely to reduce unnecessary idling, with Quebecers most likely to commit to adopting this habit, at 67 per cent; 56 per cent would drive smoothly and evenly, with residents of British Columbia most likely to strive to avoid sudden braking or turning at 64 per cent, followed by residents of Quebec at 62 per cent.

Some drivers are also making significant lifestyle changes to reduce gasoline expenses. The most common is to plan leisure activities according to proximity, a habit most likely to be adopted in the Atlantic Provinces. Those in British Columbia are most likely to pump gas outside of one’s immediate neighbourhood to save on gas prices, even if it means driving farther to get there. Ontarians are more likely to consider trading in their current vehicles for more fuel-efficient ones.

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