September 26, 2005

Most Americans favour oil company taxes to finance alternative energy research

Washington, D.C. – A poll conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation found that four out of five Americans surveyed would support a “tax on the windfall profits of oil companies”, if the revenues were devoted to alternative energy research.

The poll of 1,019 respondents, conducted for, also found that 87 per cent of Americans polled think oil companies are gouging gasoline companies; 81 per cent say the federal government is not doing enough about high energy prices and over-reliance on Middle Eastern oil; 73 per cent believe that recent gas price hikes make it more important that the government impose higher fuel-efficiency standards; and four out of five said U.S. automakers should follow Toyota’s lead, which intends that “all of its new cars going forward will use fuel-saving hybrid technology”.

In response to the poll, is launching an online petition allowing Americans to tell their members of Congress and the White House that they want major steps taken in oil profit taxes and tougher fuel-efficiency standards on vehicles.

An earlier survey in March found that two out of three respondents thought it patriotic to buy a fuel-efficient vehicle and therefore require the U.S. to import less Middle East oil. Of the one-third that disagreed, 14 per cent did so strongly.

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