Norwalk, Connecticut – A large majority of drivers in the United States admit to being dangerously distracted when behind the wheel,m according to a new poll by Harris Interactive.

Of those polled, 86 per cent of adults admit to eating or drinking while driving; 59 per cent talk on a non-hands-free cell phone; 41 per cent set or adjust their GPS devices; and 37 per cent text. In addition, a quarter of respondents said they have driven after having two or more drinks, and 44 per cent have driven while sleepy, sometimes even momentarily dozing off.

The poll also found that 36 per cent admit to reading maps while driving, with 10 per cent doing so often or sometimes; one in five acknowledges having combed or styled his or her hair, with nearly one in ten doing it regularly; 14 per cent have put on makeup, with 7 per cent doing so frequently; 13 per cent have surfed the Internet, and 9 per cent do it often or sometimes; and 7 percent watch videos on a mobile device or on-board system “often” or “sometimes.”

The study also found that even though they engaged in distracting behaviours, large percentages of drivers agree that they are dangerous.

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