August 1, 2005

More forklifts powered by fuel cells

Toronto, Ontario – Hydrogenics announced the H2 Hyster Forklift will be used at a Fedex facility in the Toronto area. The forklifts are one of a line of products Hydrogenics is fitting with fuel cells, along with light experimental cars.

Phase One of the initiative, already complete, involved the deployment of two forklifts at GM of Canada’s main car assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario. The results will be published later this year. Sustainable Development Technology Canada is supporting the forklift program with a $1.45 million contribution, granted alongside a commitment of $1.98 from a Hydrogenics-led consortium that includes Deere & Company, Fedex Canada and GM of Canada.

Several other Canadian companies, including General Hydrogen and Cellex, are also looking at industrial vehicles as a natural fit for fuel cells.

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