June 7, 2007

More classic motoring history films added to auto-history.tv archives

Norfolk, England – Another 30 motoring archive films have been added to the auto-history.tv web site, reports the company. Almost all the films on the site, now nearing 550, can be downloaded 24 hours a day, for a small charge.

Amongst the new films which have been added to the site this month, are:

  • newsreels of the 1961 and 1965 New York auto shows
  • film of motor racing on the streets of Moscow during the height of the Cold War
  • an evaluation of the Daimler Scout car during World War 2
  • the Monte Carlo Rally of 1960
  • the Indianapolis 500 races of 1934 and 1951
  • a tour of Ford’s operations in England and France in 1935
  • the German Grand Prix of 1959
  • a profile of Henry Royce’s personal Phantom 1 Rolls Royce car
  • the opening of the Firth of Forth Road bridge in Scotland in 1964
  • the launch of the new Mini in 2001
  • the remarkable story of the late Allen Swift who was the only ever owner of a Phantom 1 Rolls Royce car he purchased in 1928 and then drove it himself for more than 75 years until he died in 2005 at the age of 102.

As an alternative to downloading, all the films can also be placed onto a personalized DVD which will then be delivered by mail. The entire archive can also be purchased on a portable, external computer hard-drive. The web site is www.auto-history.tv

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