Longueuil, Quebec – The access ramp for Montreal’s Mercier Bridge from Châteauguay will be closed June 22 until approximately October for maintenance.

Ramp 4 from Châteauguay will be closed, with traffic diverted to Route 132 in order to isolate the ramp. Motorists coming from Châteauguay will have to make a temporary detour, which will allow them to access the bridge by taking Route 132 from La Prairie. This will enable replacement of the access ramp deck using prefabricated panels.

To manage traffic during the work, the traffic signal at the bridge entrance, which manually controls traffic volume from Châteauguay and La Prairie, will be located at the intersection of the temporary detour route and Route 132. Instead of converging on the bridge, motorists coming from Châteauguay and La Prairie will merge on Route 132 towards the Mercier Bridge. The La Prairie access ramp will also be widened by one lane for the occasion.

For the duration of this phase of the work, motorists who wish to take the access road connecting Route 132 to Route 138 will have to take Old Malone Road, rather than the usual access road.

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