Armonk, New York – Finding a parking spot in most of the world’s major cities is difficult, with drivers giving up in their search or arguing with other drivers over spaces, according to a new survey by IBM, but Montreal and Toronto ranked among the best.

The researchers estimate that 30 per cent of a city’s traffic congestion can be attributed to people looking for parking. Drivers in New Delhi, Bangalore and Beijing have the toughest time, while Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto are among the easiest for parking.

Drivers in Nairobi averaged 31.7 minutes in their longest search for a parking spot, and commuters in Bangalore, Beijing, Buenos Aries, Madrid, Mexico City, Paris and Shenzhen all reported significantly longer searches than the average. Over half of all drivers in the 20 cities surveyed reported that they became frustrated enough to stop looking for a space and simply drove somewhere else. However, drivers in Montreal and Toronto were least likely to experience this frustration.

The IBM Parking Index measured the longest amount of time looking for a parking space, inability to find a space, disagreement over parking spots, receiving a parking ticket for illegal parking, and the number of parking tickets received. In order from worst to best, the cities were New Delhi, Bangalore, Beijing, Moscow, Shenzhen, Paris, Milan, Nairobi, Madrid, Singapore, Mexico City, Stockholm, Johannesburg, London, New York City, Montreal, Buenos Aries, Toronto, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Drivers in New Delhi, Bangalore, Nairobi and Milan were the most vocal about arguing with another driver over a parking spot, but for avoiding arguments over parking, Montreal was second only to Singapore. Montreal drivers were also likely to find a spot in less than five minutes.

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