Chicago, Illinois – Two highways in Montreal and one in Toronto have been named among the most congested in North America, according to a new report by map data company NAVTEQ.

Montreal’s Autoroute 15, Route 138 and Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway were named to a list of freeways with the slowest typical rush hour. The top ten are:

1. New York City – Brooklyn Battery TUNL NB
2. New York City – Washington BRG EB
3. Montreal – AUT-15EB
4. Philadelphia – US-202 SB
5. Montreal – RTE-138 WB
6. New York City – Washington BRG WB
7. Los Angeles – 1-10EB
8. Boston – US-1 NB
9. Dallas – TX-366 EB
10. Toronto – Don Valley PKWY NB

The ten cities with the worst rush hours, in order, are New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, Houston and Denver.

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