August 17, 2005

Montreal gasoline prices are way too high, says CAA-Quebec

Montreal, Quebec – For the second week in a row, gasoline prices in the Montreal area have reached record highs and set unprecedented differentials in relation to the weekly floor price established by the Quebec Energy Board. As a result, CAA-Quebec is advising motorists to keep their gas purchases to a minimum until prices stabilize.

At $1.149 per litre, pump prices before taxes in Montreal are eleven cents above this week’s floor price. Compared to a twelve-month average of 3.2 cents, this is an increase of nearly 250 per cent. The minimum established price, calculated weekly by the Quebec Energy Board, reflects all fluctuations in the wholesale price of gasoline, transportation and taxes.

In addition to minimizing gasoline purchases, CAA-Quebec also suggests motorists rationalize their driving by observing speed limits, using the gasoline grade recommended for their vehicles and avoiding unnecessary engine idling.

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